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Kongoni Primary School

Computer Room

Kongoni Primary School is located in Kakamega County.  It is a mixed-day school with a population of 537 girls and 515 boys, a total of 1,052 students, with one of the highest student populations in the county.

How has the school benefited from Kongoni Network?

Thanks to Michael and Karen Schley Foundation for your support.  Through your generous giving, the school is boasting of 2 laptops and unlimited internet connectivity.

The school has also benefited from the kind donation and support from Books Are Power who have renovated the computer room and the library with the construction of computers and library tables.  The school is boasting of Endless Computers to enable the students to access the use of computers.

The school’s closeness to Kongoni Community Library is an added advantage as the students have access to all the facilities and books that are in the library.  The students also benefit from many programs that are introduced in the library including computer coding lessons and many other activities.

A rare opportunity to learn the French language for the students who are members of Kongoni Community Library.   The school is also participating in Baseball courtesy of Angels At Bat https://www.angelsatbat.org/

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