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Oloile Secondary School

Oloile Secondary School is located in Kajiado County.  It is a boarding mixed school with a population of 23 girls and 35 boys.

How has the school benefited from Kongoni Network?

Thanks to Michael and Karen Schley Foundation for your support.  Through your generous giving, the school is boasting of 20 new laptops, a projector, and unlimited internet connectivity.   The school library is equipped with books to help the students improve their communication skills as well as improve the reading culture.   With the infrastructure created by Kongoni Network, the school has the ability to participate in IC4 classes https://ic4.site/ creating the opportunity for the students to participate in collaborative activities with their peers across the world via zoom meetings.  The school is also participating in a Baseball game courtesy of Angels At Bat https://www.angelsatbat.org/

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