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Elphas Omusilibwa Ongong’o – Founder and Director of Operations

Elphas was born in Kakamega County – Western Kenya where he attended his basic education before moving to Nairobi for his higher education.  His early upbringing and experience made him understand the challenges the community is going through.  His interest in the tourism industry saw him pursue professional training at Kenya Utalii College in Tour Guiding and Administration.  Elphas has worked with major tour companies in different capacities and departments but mainly in customer care service.  As a customer service expert, he has accompanied groups and families all over the country and outside Kenya on both holiday and humanitarian engagements.  Such groups include Millennium Development Goals, Millennium Promise, World Vision and many others.  His passion for service encouraged him to partner with friends to co-found Africa Untamed Wilderness Adventures and Akhonya Development Community Based Organization (A-CBO).  His dream is to partner with friends to empower and impact the community.

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